The great departure

Time to fly away...

On departure day, our family with us at the airport. Many emotions before boarding, we let say goodbye for a year. The first stop is London. We spend 3 hours at Gatwick Airport before flying to Dubai. We spend a few hours in the desert city but unfortunately, it was during night time and we can not see  the landscape (but we saw an arabic Mcdonalds ^^).

Kuala Lumpur

The third flight landed at Kuala Lumpur in the next morning after 15 hours of flight in total. We planned a day off to recover from jet lag. We take the opportunity to admire the two magnificent towers Petronas, impressive during the day, magical at night time. 

We also have a taste of the tropical climate that awaits us in Asia, the humidity of the air is like a Hammam. And the dishes are spicy, very spicy. The night promises to be difficult ... 

The next day we returned to the Kuala Lumpur airport for our flight to Tokyo. 

Japan, here we are ...

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