Japan - Part 2

Sakura in Aomori and Hirosaki

We wake up the next day in north of the island of Honshu, in the city of Aomori. We reach our hotel in the hills. Here the "peaks" are still covered in snow.

We visit the edge of Aomori sea and we find our first Sakura. It's beautiful, plus our timing is right because it is the full blossom.

The next day we took a train to Hirosaki to spend the day in the city park. And we are not alone because it's Golden Week, all Japanese are on holiday and enjoy the shows cherry blossom for O-Anami: picnic under the trees with his friends, great moment of conviviality (and beverage). 

The park is really beautiful, the pale pink flower petals covering the ground and the canal. The temperature is mild and despite the large crowds of people, the atmosphere is relaxed. This vision seems right out of a movie, we are filled with wonder. 

After this show, we will take the train (again) to reach Tokyo.


The agglomeration of Tokyo extends over 100 km in diameter. Difficult to walk from one neighborhood to another. Fortunately, the Japan Rail Pass allows us to travel for free on trains from the city. We visit the Akihabara electric district with its neon lights and playrooms geek, Shibuya and its impressive crossroads.

We also visit the Harajuku's park and it's teens cosplay. This green is placed between Shibuya and Shinjuku, two very lively districts. Yet the calm reigns in the park, we will do even a little nap in the grass .

We spend a night in a beer bar with Nicolas, our French friend. Romain will return also drunk, they are strong their beers ...

Tokyo is a city where you really feel in security, the locals are very friendly and respectfull. Also the streets are clean despite the lack of public bins.

During the visit to the Ueno district we will discover a more traditional side of the city. This is also the charm of Tokyo, one side modern and flashy and after, quiet and intimist just by changing neighborhood. 

We will spend an evening in Shinjuku where we will enjoy the beautiful (and free) view of the city from the 44th floor of the City Hall.

The mount Fuji

But we could not leave Japan without a visit to Fuji-san. Again the train will take us to the edge of the lake Kawaguchico. And the view is beautiful, the Fuji is clear view and its reflection in the lake is superb. We spend the day there but unfortunately it is impossible to climb Mount Fuji at this time of the year. We therefore defer to the next trip ...

Earthquake and Onsens

At the second last day, we woke up at 5am by a strong earthquake. The room starts to shake for 20 seconds and then very long everything stops (except screaming girls in the hallways ...). Now we can say that we have experienced all the Japanese specialties it only misses Godzilla ^^

To relax after our emotions we go one last time in the onsen of Hakkone. The baths are mixed and some are flavored with tea, coffee and even red wine ... 

The last day we will go stroll in front of the Tokyo Tower (imitation of our Eiffel Tower), but a cold wind will push us to a cafe for the afternoon.

We reach Haneda Airport in the evening to fly to the second stage of the trip: Thailand

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